The Reception

Our First Dance-- Well we had two first Dances: the first song we danced to is titled Then, by Brad Paisley and second song we danced to is titled Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
This is my son Robert, we had a mother/son dance. The song we danced to is titled Have I told you Lately, by Rod Stewart. I love him so much. As any Mother would say Words can not describe.

My Husband and his Mom, they dance to Wind Beneath my Wings, by Bette Milder
And I have to say, she is the best mother- in-law a girl can ask for.

Our Toast!!!!
The Cake!!!

Ok ladies-- let me tell you about the Garter Belt incident. Of course I forgot a few things--what Bride doesn't!!! Anyway one of the things I forgot was the garter belt. Needless to say he couldn't find it and it was pretty funny!!! Something we will always remember.

Dancing after the Garter Belt-- Not!!!!

More of my baby Boogieing!!

Here you can get a peek of our ring barer. He is in the blue. He was not to happy about taking so many pictures.

My sister Tahsha and Frankie, best brother in law ever!!!!!

Their Family

My new family getting jiggie with it!!!