Zen Garden Class Details & Gypsy File

Hi Everyone!!!
Zen Garden Mini Album is May 22, 2010, 12PM CST
Check out the Video bel
ow for details on the Mini Album Projects
The Pagoda and The Heritage Cartridges will be needed in order to cut the Gate Tag
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymmgmm3nnur/zen garden.gypsy

Supply List

For the Album

Front Cover - Chipboard, you will need two pieces, (1) 6''x5.25 (1) 3''x5.25
Back Cover - Chipboard, you will need one piece, (1) 9''x5.25''

6 paperbags - for the dimensions list above please use the Michael Celebrate It Bags. If you decide to use larger bags you will need to resize the your chipboard accordingly.

Pattern Paper of your choosing. You will need at least 30 sheets of 6''x6''

2 button with a shank back

2 paper Clips or hair pins (bobby pins)

10'' of Jute Rope

Every Taking the Class will need 3 Sheet of 12''x 12'' Black Cardstock to cut out the tags from the Gypsy File.

(1) Charm to hang from Jute Rope for the Closure