Hi all-- Well the day is almost here!!! Feb 1st!!!!

Class will be in session, Feb 1st at 8PM CST.

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FFFF is Feb First Fabulous Flowers
You got it, we are making flowers!!!!!! I am so excited. I missed you guys so much.
Needless to say I have enjoyed my time off and I may do this every other month
(lol-- Just kidding)

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BYOS Class Bring Your Own Supplies
Supply List

Paisley Cart. The Cricut Paisley cart has every single flower under the sun. It's a great cart for flowers. If you don't have it RUN RUN RUN to Michael's they have or had it for $9.99 on clearance. If you purchased the new Mother's Day Bouquet that will work too. I will eventually be creating the same file with that Cricut Cart.

Cream colored Cardstock
Ink, dabber and/or Tim Holtz Distressing tool (Timmy Tool)- Any color. The color you select will be the colors of your flowers.

Large round ball stylus (I will explain during the class) or any pen, stick, paint brush with a rounded end.


Mouse pad or any cushy surface similar to a mouse pad

Hot Glue