Ustream FIX -- OMG and ADM

Ok Everyone!!! This totally fixed my Ustream problem.  Thank you, Thank YOU Rachelle!!!!! I followed her instructions exactly and it worked.  My Video plays perfectly.  Thank you so MUCH Rachelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   See her email below.  I did a copy and paste from her email so I wouldn't screw anything up.  Good luck!!!

Rachelle's email below.

The issues that everyone is having with Ustream is due to the newest version of Adobe Flash Player.  I was able to correct mine by removing the new version (10.3) and installing an older version 10.2.159.  I have written up some steps that you can follow to fix yours.  If it is something you think other PITAs can follow, please feel free to share.  I love your site and your projects.  The steps are.

Uninstall “Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX” and “Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin”
Go to, follow the instructions on the screen to download and run the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller.  You have to run this, or you will get a message that a newer version of Flash exists when you try to install the older version.
Restart your computer
Go to
Scroll down to the Release and Content Debugger archives list, you want this one:
(Released 4/15/2011)   Flash Player (66.3 MB)
Download that file, it will download as “”. 
Extract it to a folder.  On my pc I extracted it to c:\downloads.
Close all applications, especially IE and Firefox, then execute the following files from the extraction folder.
C:\Downloads\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\10_2r159_1\flashplayer10_2r159_1_winax.exe – for Internet Explorer
C:\Downloads\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\10_2r159_1\flashplayer10_2r159_1_win.exe --- For Firefox
Ustream recorded should work now. 
Always choose “No” when you get an update notification for Flash.

Rachelle Baker