Ustream Video Downloading Recommendations

As some of you may know already, Ustream has set a limit on the amount of storage space a broadcaster can have on their servers.  As of, 2/26/2012, Ustream will delete older/least viewed videos until I am under the allowed storage space.  A lot of my older/least viewed videos will be deleted.  After some research I have found several free programs that will enable you to download and save any or all videos I have available on Ustream.  I realize there are many web browsers, so I have picked the ones that have worked for me.  These are both PC and MAC friendly.  The process to download the program on to your computer is very easy.  All three of my suggestions below provide tutorials on how to download videos to your computer.  Please follow the steps carefully and take your time - They all work!  I tried all 3.  The hardest part for me was the length of time for the actual video to download – one of my classes took 45mins to download.  Nice thing is once you start downloading you can close out of Ustream and the downloader will continue to download the video—you don’t have to listen to me, LOL!
I do recommend that you create a folder on your Desktop so you know exactly what folder to select when it’s time to download the file. 

My personal favorite is the Real Player.  But all work just fine.
Internet Explorer Downloader

 Real Player Downloader – works with all web browsers

 Firefox Downloader

To access the member conversation regarding the Firefox downloader, you have to be a member of my Ning Site (link provided above). If you are not a member then you can go directly to the TheKraftyKow.  The Krafty Bull created an easy to follow tutorial for the Firefox Downloader.

I am sure one of the recommendations above will work for all.  Thank you.