Tutorial - File Under "M" for Memories

UPDATE: 3/2/2013 -  Proofed file has been emailed to all who purchased the tutorial. If you purchased after 3/2/2013 at 4:36PM you have download the most current tutorial.

Thank you!!!

Hi All-- The tutorial is now available for the File Under "M" for Memories.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be emailing an updated revsion to all who purchase by Friday. I still have to add a few things STILL AFTER 107 pages!!!!!! And  it still needs to be proofed. However all measurements are correct and you will be good to go for class tomorrow or making the project on your own.
It is so long because I added information on how to create the pages from cardstock.  I figured this will be very helpful to those who can't find the Letter size file folders.  I have to tell you that I LOVE the Cardstock version. 
Also,  I added my Hidden Hinge II - Just when I thought this binding system couldn't get any better-- IT HAS!!!!!!!!!!!  Aside from the 3/8" gusset, I added another enhancement!!

See you all tomorrow at 2PM CST on my Ustream Channel!!!