Designer Handbag/Gift Bag

Hi everyone-- Hope you all had a wonderful day today. TGIF!!!! This week was a long work week for me. I felt like it was never going to end!!! I plan on sleeping in tomorrow; so looking forward to that. As you can see I am up late. I just had these colors in my head Turquoise and Gray) so I had to do something with it and here it is. This Handbag/Gift bag measures 7''x6''x2'', it is large enough to fit a book, scarf, any gift of your choosing within the measurement above. Let me tell you I would love to get a gift like this. Just the bag alone would be very delightful never mind the gift inside-- yeah right who am I kidding!!!! Anyway hope you enjoy it. Remember I still have the blog candy event going on so leave me a comment. I hope I inspired someone today!!!!