A Few Announcements

Hi all-- I hope all is well. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am out of town on business. I got called away on a last minute trip. For those of you that have pending orders with me, please forgive the delay. I don't have access to my files. I will email you the files as soon as I return on Friday.

Now for the second announcement!!!! I had a Blog Candy giveaway that I was supposed to announce on 9/30 and I completely forgot --Loser!!!! Congrats to PaperScissors!!!!! Please email me your address to kathy_orta@yahoo.com I will mail you your Blog candy. Thanks so much to everyone that participated!!!!!

PS: Thank you DuanMarie and Scrappinology for the reminder!!! As a thank you email me as well and I will send you a tutorial of your choice-- but remember it will be on Friday. Thanks again everyone. Have a ScrapFab!!!!!