Rockefeller Christmas

Talk about chic!!!! Rockefeller Christmas gift box set!!!!! Complete tutorial with Pictures and step by step how to instruction. Christmas is coming soon!!!! Think about all the gifts you need to make. This is a special piece, I love the way it turned out. The ruffle detail on the bag is so in line with today's fashion. Divas!!!! Where are you????? I used an unconventional pattern and color scheme for this piece-- the Hounds tooth and black is so chic; I love it against the green. The ruffle resemble the layers in a Christmas tree (to me ;-)). This is my Prada knockoff!!! Picture how adorable this would look in a Hot Pink ruffle with a pink & red and Christmas card ensemble. I think I feel a new take on Rockefeller Christmas coming on!!!

Card Close up. The tree is one of the super special cuts on the Cricut Winter Woodland Cartridge.

Open view of the purse. The purse opens like a briefcase. Check out the french post board-- you can attach a naughty or nice list there. You can create the card gift set you see here or you can just house a lovely gift or your choice. The inside box measures, 8''x10''x2''.

An open view

The Bag!!!!! What can you say about that ruffle. Complete made of Paper!!!!!

The Accessories

The card!!!!
The tutorial is available now for $5. You don't have to limit yourself to a card box with this one. You can easily fit a nice size gift of your choice. Presentation is everything!!!!!