Hi Everyone--Just wanted to update you guys!!! I hope you are all doing well.
Project BAM- First Batch Kits have begun to ship, i have a few more to ship that are going out this weekend.

Project BAM Preorder-- All items were orderd and I expect my shippments to start arriving early next week. So kits should ship next weekend!!!!

Project BAM Tutorial-- Will be available this Saturday for purchase. For those who purchased the kit, it will be emailed on Saturday.

Posh Organizer-- This kit is scheduled to ship the last week of July.

Posh Organizer Tutorial-- Should be posted for purchase around the same week. If you purchased the kit it will be emailed to you during that same week.

Kit Club Project!!! I hope to have a sample Peep Show this weekend!!!!! I am so excited!

Talk to you all soon-- have a great rest of your week and a fantastic weekend!

Until Next Time!