Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!!!!

Hi All!!! OH my what a day!!!!  I made it through my first day.  Boy it is not easy being a super star-- LOL.  My Gosh, that teleprompter got the best of me today.  I eyes were crossed half the time on camera.  I hope that gets edited!!!!LOL

Here are a few pix-- I can't wait to share my experience with you all.  I will see you on Friday.  I will be home a bit earlier than planned!!!-- Yah!! I get to hang out with my peeps!!!

Quick UPDATE:  Calendar Tutorial.  I can't seem to open my file here from my hotel room to get it to you guys.  It is going up corrupt!!--OMG.  I am not going to panic yet.  I will freak out when I get home if I can't open the file.  Worse case I will have to redo it.  So please send good thoughts my way.  I will keep you all posted.  I apologize for the delay in delivery this tutorial to you all.  I know you are all excited and eager to make the project.  Any trinket order will go out this weekend.  I tried to get out as many as i could before i left.  Hang in there with me I will get all done now that this class is almost behind me and my Book is well under way.  Kit Club is now Closed.  Sorry for the few of you that email me about not making it in this time.  I wish I could add more subs, but I don't think I can handle it so I don't want to try it and not deliver.  Emails- I will try to respond to email, but boy have I been pooped after filming!!!  I had to soak in the tub to unwind.  My shoulder it taking quite the beating!!!  BUT LIKE THEY SAY IN SHOWBIZ -  THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!  LOL  Check me out getting all dolled up!!!!